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"You got anything in the back?", is the 22-year-old budding producer's favorite question to ask record store workers after he has quickly dug through the entire sales floor, swiping up anything he feels could catalyze the evolution of that which is known as the "Soul Choppa sound". What "the back" usually has to offer are albums store owners may hold dearly, but are willing to let go for the right offer; music they may not be hip to, or simply obscurities that have been collecting dust waiting for a new home.


The producer from Phenix City, AL doesn't shy away from weathered covers, scratched, warped, or dusty vinyl as he feels it adds true texture to his beats whereas others may resort to plug-ins to accomplish the effect. Somewhat of a vinyl purist, he takes pride in getting his hands dirty to discover drum breaks, and samples that can't be found on the internet without prior knowledge of their existence; walking into a record store offers the opportunity to come across local acts and their soundscapes that are unique to the area.


Still early in his career, Soul Choppa has been fortunate enough to land placements under labels such as: Inner Ocean and Dust Collectors; and provide instrumentals to multiple underground acts. These highlights offer him assurance that one day he'll be able to get his music incorporated into films, video games, and animation/anime; as these are medias that have influenced his sound, and inspire him to continue to create.